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Description & Application :

This is silicone base grease  suitable upto working  temperature  of  250°C. This grease contains special types of filler and thickness. This is used for any types of bearings, rubber parts, and electrical parts, plastic parts etc… This is used in Textile, cement plant, fertilizers, steel plants, and chemical plants.

Benefits :

  Low Coefficient of friction.

  High Temperature stability.

  Long life lubricant.

  Reduces frequency of lubrication.

  Resist water-steam Acid & Alkali.

Solubility :

HTG –30 Compound is not soluble in water, methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, acetone glycol And  glycerin. However,  it  can be  dispersed  in  kerosene, benzene, toluene ethyl ether, Carbon tetrachloride, petroleum ether, methylene chloride or perchloroethylene.

Note: The information presented here is based on our present state of knowledge which we believe to reliance but we cannot accept any responsibility for operation not under our direct control. It is offered solely for your consideration, innovation and verification.

PACKING : 1 Kg , 5 Kg, & 30 Kg Jar.

High Vacuum Grease-10 Silicone Grease-20 Silicone Grease-30 Silicone Mould Release Compound (H.V.G.-40)  Dielectric Sealant cum Lubricant (H.V.G.-50)
Petroleum Jelly  Heat Sink Compound   Anti-Seize Compound (Moly Based) (A.S.C.-50)  Damping Compound  Silicone Defoamer / Anti Foaming Agent
Non Silicone Defoamer  Amino Oil Emulsifier Silicone Emulsion  Teflon Grease (P.T.F.E.)   Ink Follower
Chain Oil  (High Temperature) Petrovis Polybutenes Simethicone 100% (Activated Oil)  Heavy Liquid Paraffin High Speed Bearing Grease (H.S.B.G.-100)
 Moly Grease (Multi Purpose-M.M.G.-100)  Graphite Grease (M.G.G.- 300)  Gel Grease For Gel Refills Multi Purpose    M.P.& A.P.Grease Light Liquid Paraffin
 Silicone 84 Grease/ L.V.G. Sewing Thread Lubricant Copper Grease  Micro Amino Silicone Amino Silicone Emulsion
Emulsifier 9.5 Mole (Alphox - 200) Emulsifier 4.5 Mole (Alphox - 100) Silicone Fluid/Oil  (ALL C.T.S.K.)  Damping/Hinges/  Mechanism Grease    

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